the four noble truths part 2

An introduction to Buddhism : The four Noble Truths | Part 2

I wrote about the first two noble truths of Buddhism, in my previous article. if you missed it, you can read here.

In this article I am going to look into third and fourth noble truths.

Okay let’s dig into the third noble truth.

The truth of the end of suffering

In the second noble truth we discovered that greed or in other words thanha is the cause of suffering. So if we remove the cause ,the result won’t become a reality. In order to get out of samsara, in order to get out of pain and suffering we have to get rid of the cause of suffering, “The greed“. pain is inevitable unless we remove greed from ourselves. we will go in the samsara in various forms until we reach our goals and greeds that we have set for ourselves . The danger of going in sansara is that we might go to hell or animal world or become a non visible ghostly being (pretha) according to our karma that we collected in previous lives . In Buddhism lord buddha has explained about 6 heavens and 4 hells. doing good deeds and making good karma will take you to heaven or it can bring you back to the human world. doing bad deeds for greed will send you to hell where you will face long and horrific suffering and pain. If You come back to the human world you will face the consequences of your bad deeds that you did in your past lives. According to lord buddha, going to hells , animal worlds or other non recommended worlds is a pain that you cannot experience in the human world. It is so much worse and so much painful according to dhamma suttas. We can’t guarantee that we won’t do bad deeds in our lives if we go in samsara which will cause us to get born in these bad worlds. And that’s why we need to get out of samsara.

And that leads us to our fourth and last noble truth 

The truth of the path that leads to the end of suffering

If the samsara is a loop that we are stuck in because of our bad or good karma. We need to find a way to get out,  in this fourth noble truth Lord Buddha has explained and provided the noble 8 fold path which leads to enlightenment. It is a path, if we follow it properly we will gain the knowledge of the reality of this world ,samsara and of all worlds. We will see how things are created and the law of cause and effect (Hethu pala dahama).  Noble eight-fold path contains 8 steps which has to be followed in sequence in order to reach the ultimate happiness, the enlightenment.

Okay, lets have a look in to 

The Noble Eight-fold Path : the path which helps us to remove the cause of suffering “The greed”.

  1. Right understanding (Samma ditthi)
  2. Right thought (Samma sankappa)
  3. Right speech (Samma vaca
  4. Right action (Samma kammanta)
  5. Right livelihood (Samma ajiva
  6. Right effort (Samma vayama)
  7. Right mindfulness (Samma sati)
  8. Right concentration (Samma samadhi)

I will not be able to explain all these 8 steps of the path as it contains so much information in 1 step. So I will be writing 1 article for each of these steps in the noble eight-fold path.

Also I will write  future articles about good karma, , bad karma , law of cause and effect and about heavens and hells explained in buddhism for you to get a clear understanding.

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